Get the best photos For You and Your Car 
for companies, scoll down 
BASIC - something very simple
Not everyone can afford good pictures of your cars. Often it also does not need the best! That's why we specially offer this, where only the most necessary of the car is photographed. Certain features, as well as angles and more is included. 
Contact me now for your personal pictures!
Phototime: 2 hours
Vehicles: 1 (max. 2 Vehicles)
Photos you get: 10-15
Price each person/vehicle: CHF 170.-*
extended - something very special

Only the best for your car! We offer you many images, directed according to your wishes. Whether rolling shots, still-shots or at the most unusual locations, our Extended Pack makes it possible! 
Phototime: 4 hours
Photos you get: 20+
Price each person/vehicle: CHF 270.-*
STORYTELLING - something very personal
Storytelling is an art of photography and tells the whole story of the owner and the brand! You can look forward to many interesting perspectives, creative and artificial ideas and much more.  Usually and simplified you do this in the form of a video. However, the goal would be to bring this across to the viewer in the form of photos.
Phototime: about 1 Day (6-8h experience)
Photos you get: 40+
Price each person/vehicle: CHF 390.-*
Portrait photos / application photos
Especially for professional job application photos or simple portrait shots we have a special studio. We have the necessary experience to make you shine! 
Can also be done outside in the open air.
Phototime: 1-2h
Photos you get: 6+
Price each person: CHF 130.-

Do you want to stage your car? Do you want to have the details of your car shown in a video? Then book me now for a carporn from your car. You can find examples under "Videography"
Contact me now for your personal Carporn!
More examples on the site: Videos
Vehicles: 1 or more
about a day
Edit-Time: 8 hours paid

Price: CHF 480.-  for one Carporn*

Take your Tiktok's & Instagram Reels to the next level! 
Vehicles: 1 or more
Edit-Time: 3 hours or more

Price: CHF 150.-  for one upright format Video*

For companies / Events

Example of an EVENT COVERAGE photo


Do you need a photographer for your event?
Feel free to send me a request :)
Vehicles: almost all from the event
Photos you get: 70-110 or more

Price: CHF 420.- per day*
Are you an event organizer? Do you need a film to present or look back at your event? Then an aftermovie is just right for you! 
The aftermovie should reflect the whole event from all beautiful facets.
Contact me today so I can recognize you!
Vehicles: almost all from the event

Price: CHF 640.-  for one Aftermovie*
Delivery time: 1-3 Weeks 
Professional pictures see not only photographers and connoisseurs! Photos pierce directly into the eye of the viewer and attract attention. 
Book me now to help you make your business photos better! 
Price: Contact us and we will find a fair price for both sides. 
Delivery time: 2 hours

A good promotional video provides more coverage and accordingly new customers. We film, edit, grade, publish the project, so that your company stands in the best light. Whether for advertising purposes, image film, events and much more - everything is possible. 
We work on an hourly basis - so feel free to contact us and we will send you a fair offer. 
Price: Contact us to receive an offer
You can send me a request or contact me at any time
*Price without travel costs
Normal rate per hour: 80.- CHF/h
“Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive.”
- Ettore Bugatti
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