Example of a TUNINGMEETING photo


If you come with your car to a TUNINGMEETING, you will get a photo of your car for FREE! Just ask me at or before the meeting for photos.
Vehicles: 1 or more
Photos you get: between 1-10

Price each person/vehicle: You determine the price

Example of a LIGHTPAINTING photo


Everything is dark, only your car shines in bright light!
Book me now for a night shot!
Shooting time: 2-4 hours
Vehicles: 1 or more
Photos you get: roundabout 5

Price each person/vehicle: CHF 60.-

Example of a PRIVATE SHOOTING photo


Do you want high quality pictures of your car? 
Contact me now for your personal pictures!
Shooting time: 1-3 hours
Vehicles: 1 or more
Photos you get: 12

Price each person/vehicle: CHF 80.-

Example of an EVENT COVERAGE photo


Do you need a photographer for your event?
Feel free to send me a request :)
Vehicles: almost all from the event
Photos you get: 70-110

Price each person/vehicle: CHF 222.- per day
Carspotting is a hobby of myself.  If I recognize you or I like your car, I may take pictures of it. And after, you can ask me to get the pictures for free. 
Contact me today so I can recognize you!
Vehicles: 1 or more
Photos you get: between 1 and 5

Price each person/vehicle: FREE
You can send me a request or contact me at any time
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